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Well Hung Tristin in Pop Up

Have you ever wanted to know what its like to fuck a mechanic. Well I almost had a heart attack when I met the guy who was fixing my car. Wow Tristin was short but fucking sexy, and he had never been with a man so that made it even more interesting. He wanted me and I could see it when i got close to him.. Enjoy.. View this Video –>

Boy Leche in Upper Pecker

Leche entered the bathroom to use the restroom, when he saw Jesse taking a shower. Leche could not stop staring at his naked body. Jesse caught him peeking and asked him if he liked what he saw. Leche indeed liked what he saw, so Jesse pulled him into shower. In the shower, Leche gave Jesse a hot blow job. Then, Leche got his ass banged all over the bathroom. First, he got pumped in the shower, then the hot fucking continued bent over the toilet, from every angle. Leche loved it so much he gushed his cream all over himself. Then, Jesse let his sweet manjuice explode all over Leche. Then they jumped in the shower again. View this Video –>

Stud Andrew in Ass Contact

Oh No Im gonna cum… Andrews exclaimation to his lover, Christopher made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was like something out of a romance novel. The boys rode each other like surfboards into the night and came out wet and slippery in the end. I think when I was filming, I felt the earth shift on its axis a little when these 2 came on one another. It was an amazing display of tenderness juxtaposed with maculinity. A five star fucking all around. View this Video –>

Ripped Coby in All Alone

Whats a guy to do when he breaks up with his girl right before the big V Day. Lonely Coby came over just wanting some relief from from the hum drum. He hum drummed himself to a hard, stiff dick and beat it like it owed him money. His dick payed up in the end, but it was badly lashed and spit out its payment in erratic, spurting fashion. View this Video –>

Ripped Khristopher in Meat Packer

There is a place in New York known as the Meat Packing District. Well, we have our own version of the Meat Packing District here at BFT. Khristopher and KB were packing meat all over the woods this episode. Tents were pitched for an intimate weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. KB pitched a tent in his pants and got to work on hustling Khristophers bustle in the back. It was a dirty dirty in the sunshine. View this Video –>

Hunk Du Jour Andy in Quick Start

Andy and his little friend were two little hotties.You could see the spice of life in them. They gave each other great heads and were even better lovers.These two knew how to move it.And the tricks they would do with thier tongues showed they werent amateurs in the game.I speak for all of us when i say we would like to more of these cute little horndogs.These two are clearly welcome in the RAiNBoW circle… View this Video –>

Young Boy Joey in Tight Grip

The sounds of nature…They are everywhere and always an inspiration to us at BFT. Joey was upset because he lost his chihuahua. He went to park to kick some balls around to get his mind off his dog and accidentally worked up a hard on. He promptly went back home to take care of that. He took care of it good… View this Video –>