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Mr. Fit Mike in Penis Envy

Poolside sex is the best. That is why, at BFT we are so eager to please by the pool. Mike and Ethan know this all too well. The dick down that Mike got was epic. Epic girth, epic length and epic speed. You see, Mike and Ethan love soccer. It is the sexy time sport here at BFT. It is also an allegory for their relationship. Ethan pentrated Mikes ass like a mid fielder on a scoring rampage. Goal after goal was taken at the cost of Mikes precious ass. But thats how the game is played. Fast and hard…. View this Video –>

Sweaty Trystan in Poolside Penetration

I love having a pool in my house. Specially when the pool boy comes to clean it. Why are all the poolboys hot. Anyways, this time there was a new cleaner and he was hot. He told me that he was into girls, but I knew there was something about him. Once I touched his cock, he change his story from only girls, to fucking me doggy style. Now you know why I love having a pool. View this Video –>

Sexy Damien in Finally Legal

Here is a cute, innocent boy getting his cherry popped on his 18th birthday. You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Damien was kind of timid at the beginning, but once Kaidin let him give him a blow job, Damien was up for anything, even taking it bareback. Watch these boys suck and fuck each other. Check these two boys out, you will love them. View this Video –>

Ripped Travers in Playground Party

I met Travers at the playground on saturday, and his boy tom was with him. i noticed that they were kissin and shit so, i askd if they wanted to get down adn dirty on camera… and when they said yes. my eyes opened real wide! Just take a look at the video! Mmmmmmmm View this Video –>

Hunk Du Jour Sath in Happy Trails

oh boy..what to say about Sath. lets just say he is hot as hell and knows it. the boy gets what he wants. actually, he takes whathe wants! his attitude earned him the namethe bulldog. i tell you one thing..he sureis one guy i would love to be taken bydoggy style! View this Video –>

Mr. Fit Jacob in Freaky Dicky

I was hangin with the guys last weeknd, when I saw this clerk at the hardware store he lookd sooo good, with his lil smock on! I knew if I got him back with me, he could screw a few bolts in.. he he he! View this Video –>

Hunky Chriss in Head Rush

Alec loves tuggin the shit out of his man hood! 😛 he plays that pipe like a fiddle and then blows out the last chords! 😛 Its sooooo hot! View this Video –>